About us

We are a medium-sized French family business that sees tradition as a success factor for innovation.

The Houbé family has been developing construction projects in France for over 40 years: from shopping centers to hotels, the head of the family, Yvon Houbé, is a truly passionate developer. In Germany, the family’s hotel sector has been established for over 15 years and accounts for 20% of the company’s total turnover.
A special feature of the Group is the fact that the real estate also belongs to the Group. Investhotel owns and operates the properties 100%, which guarantees a high level of security.

Sustainable investments are being made in the hotel park. All hotels are organised according to this scheme: 100% self-financed and operated by ACCOR under a franchise agreement.
In order to achieve our goal of keeping all properties in optimum condition, we invest 7% of our turnover in renovation work. With this budget, our houses are extensively renovated approximately every 7 years.
n order to maintain the expertise we have acquired over time and to ensure that our properties are managed to the highest standards in the long term, we have established a separate company for hotel operations within our Group alongside our investment company. Under this, we maintain a general operating scheme in Germany by founding a limited company for each individual project

With a total turnover of € 30 million and almost 1,000 rooms, the Investhotel Group is managed by Mr. Laurent de Warren and supported by a small team at the head office in Berlin. The group has 7 hotels at 5 locations in Germany